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It's Einiger Time!

See World Blackjack Champion Ken Einiger blow away the competition in UBT tournaments.

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What are
Elimination Blackjack Tournaments?

If you like blackjack, and you like poker, you're ready to win at Elimination Blackjack™, because Elimination Blackjack combines the traditional elements of blackjack and the strategies and competition of poker, with a couple of exciting twists.

Elimination Blackjack is a unique tournament format of blackjack that pits you against the dealer and other players to avoid being eliminated. One player is eliminated on hands 8, 16, and 25. You have a total of 30 hands to determine if you have what it takes to become the next UBT champion.

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Nov 8th, 2013

If you love playing blackjack but have trouble winning why not hire World Blackjack Champion for a private lesson. If you are interested email  or call 702-406-0855

Ken Einiger offers private blackjack lessons. If you are interested in winning at blackjack please go to the link that explains how you can take private lessons from Ken Einiger. It is a 2 days training session for 2995.00 

   Einiger Time is here. You can now go to the shopping card and order hats, t shirts, books, DVD's and autograpgh pictures.

You now can order Ken's DVD Truth About Blackjack and learn how to manage your money better playing blackjack. Please go to the shopping cart and place your order.

My new book PLAY TO WIN is now out. The new edition  now includes how to play elimination blackjack tournaments. 

NOV 8th, 2013


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Dear Kenny,

I have been using your money management system the exact way you taught me. It has made me a big winner instead of always losing when I step into a casino. I highly recommend your system to anyone that is serious about winning at BlackJack.

Robert F. Philadelphia PA
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