Poker on Television News Article
World Blackjack Champion Joins Ultimate Blackjack Tour
June 15, 2006

Are you one of those people who watches poker and blackjack on television, but afterwards brag to your friends about how you are a better card player than the people on television? CBS is now offering you the chance to try your luck at the blackjack tables against the best in the business: World Blackjack champion Ken Einiger.

The world-famous blackjack champion has just signed the dotted line to be a part of the network’s Ultimate Blackjack Tour (UBT). The Ultimate Blackjack Tour will make its CBS debut beginning September 16th, 2006 at 2:00 pm EST, right before college football. The UBT will travel across the country looking for average blackjack players to try their luck against the world’s best, including skilled card sharks like world champ, Ken Einiger.

Ken Einiger has stated that he is very happy and excited to be a part of the Ultimate Blackjack and he hopes that everyone will tune their sets to the gaming television program, but he also hopes to see “Average Joe” players make their way to one of the many stop that the tour will make.