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world blackjack champion Ken Einiger
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2005 World BlackJack Champion & 2006 UBT Legend Champion

Ken Einiger is now offering private lessons in Las Vegas.
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Ken Einiger 2005 World Champion of Blackjack


Ken Einiger is the 2005 World Champion of blackjack. The tournament was held at the Golden Nugget hotel on April 22, 2005 in downtown Las Vegas and was televised on GSN.

In 2004-05 Ken had the best run in tournament blackjack to date. Ken went to the finals 7 times, 4 of them Ken walked away the winner.

Originally from New York, Ken moved to Ft. Lauderdale, and now resides in Las Vegas.

Ken's lessons are for anyone who is tired of losing money playing blackjack.

If you are an individual that hates being taken advantage of by casinos, but loves the game of blackjack, then Ken's private training is for you.

No matter how much money you have, it still doesn't feel good losing what you've worked so hard for!

Now is your chance to learn first hand, in person, from the World Champion of Blackjack. Let Ken teach you how to master the game of blackjack.

Sure, anyone can win once in a while, but if you are gambling on a continuous basis, most people will lose 9 out of 10 times. That will all change once you take Ken's private lessons.

To all the men and women that want, or need to improve their game of blackjack, don't waste another dollar, or another minute. Sign up now to take Ken's private lessons. There is a definite money management system that you need to learn that will give you the winning edge over a casino.

Ken will give you pointers on thing's that you probably didn't even realize that you were doing wrong. One small correction could turn your losing hand, into a winning hand! You will be amazed at how your game will improve when you incorporate Ken's money management system.

You will find yourself saying over and over .. 'I can't believe how much sense Ken really does make' .. after spending just 2 days with him.

Ken has trained people that have lost millions of dollars, and turned them into consistent winners!

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It may be hard for you to believe that there is a way to win consistently,but there is with Ken's money management system. The cost of Ken's training is probably less than one bad trip to a casino, for a lot of you! Wouldn't it be worth it for you to pay a professional, no less the World Champion, to teach you how to play the right way? You've got nothing to lose, and only powerful knowledge and money to gain.

Ken is ready to help you now. Stop pumping those casinos with all of your hard earned money. It can only get better from the moment you sign up for your private lessons.

Ken has had the pleasure of teaching many celebrities, major sports figures as well as the average person that just enjoys the game of blackjack.

You will be given a two day private lesson. Day one Ken will be teaching you his money management system, along with a lot of other very valuable information. Day two it's off to a casino with Ken by your side to put his unbelievable money management system into play.

Ken will teach his special money management system to only one person at a time. What does this mean? If you are coming in with a friend, or a spouse they would need to set up a separate time for his or her private training. Ken is dedicated to teaching you what took him fifteen years to learn, so your undivided attention is crucial.

Absolutely no guest of the student will be permitted to sit in during any portion of the two day training course. No exceptions will be made.

Are you tired of losing your money on a game that you love to play? Would you like to walk up to a blackjack table knowing that YOU have the upper edge? Would it interest you at all to learn the inside secrets that will allow you to be treated like a high roller? Please click here to sign up »
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