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world blackjack champion Ken Einiger
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Dear Ken,

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how thankful I am to you for teaching me in person your money management system. I have been playing blackjack for over 15 years. Sometimes I win, but most of the time I lose. I have seen you on television playing in your tournaments. You are a great player. I decided to contact you 6 months ago and take your personal instruction. I figured out that my losses are greater than my wins, so I realized that it would be in my best interest to pay a professional like you that might be able to help me. Well, Ken the fee I paid to you was the most well spent money I have spent in a long time. I have gone to a casino 8 different times since you taught me your way. I have won 6 times and have lost 2 times. The 6 times I won was much greater than the 2 times I lost. It is exactly what you said would happen. I thank you, and I have just signed up to receive your monthly news letter. I will call you the next time I am in Vegas. Maybe I will be able to teach you something. Just kidding.

Chuck P. San Diego CA.

Dear Kenny,

I have been a blackjack junky for many years. I come to Vegas about 10 times a year. I always have gone home a loser. My wife heard about you through the internet and told me I should take a lesson from you. I really didn't think anyone had a system that could teach me how to win. You always see these ads and books, so it was hard for me to believe. Well, for my birthday, my wife surprised me with the best gift ever, she hired you to teach me the right way to play blackjack. Ken, you are the real deal. What I loved about you is when we first me you were totally upfront. You never promised me anything except that you could make my money last much longer, and also how I can take advange of certain situations and become a consistent winner. My game of blackjack has taken a 360 degree turn for the better. Since I have taken your personal instruction I now walk into a casino knowing I have a great shot of winning. I have won the last 4 times in a row big money. I have never in my life won more than once in a year. I thank you and I will be in Vegas with my wife, and we would like to buy you dinner.

Thank again
Your Student
Fred W. Ft. Lauderdale Florida

Dear Kenny,

About 2 months ago I saw you on the Game Show Network (GSN). You just won the World Series of Blackjack. I was very impressed. I got in touch with you through your web site and signed up to take your personal money management training. When I spoke to you on the phone you asked me some basic questions. You signed me up to take my lesson in Las Vegas in May. I never was a big player, but still always hated losing. Whenever I walked into a casino my thought process was, I have 2500.00 to lose. 3 days into my trip the money was gone. You see Ken; I knew I was going to lose before I even got started. You have changed so many things since. I have taken your personal instruction, and now I walk into a casino knowing it will be hard to beat me. I go in with 2500.00 and now I say let see how much more than the 2500.00 I can leave with. You have made gambling fun again. I even win now. Losing isn't even a thought any more. Thank you so much and I can't wait for your new book to come out.

Bob M. Tyler, Tx

Dear Champ,

I just want to say thank you for all your help in teaching me the right way to manage my money playing blackjack. If anyone thinks some coaching from you isn't worth it, let them hear it from a guy who use to loose 100's of thousands a year. You are great in what you do. You have made me a winner.

Scott C. Phoenix Az.

Dear Ken,

I’ve been gambling for over 30yrs. I always loved the game of blackjack but the game didn’t like me. It was so hard to win. I hardly ever won. I couldn’t understand. I knew when to hit, stand, double down, split, and when to surrender. I thought I was just unlucky. Then I met Ken Einiger and I told him how unlucky I was. He watched me play and told me I wasn’t unlucky at all. He said the reason I was losing every time was because I had poor money management! I couldn’t believe it. I asked him if he’d help me and he said he charges a fee. I paid him his fee because I was so desperate to see if it would change the out come. I won my next seven trips to Vegas. I was able to apply his advice to all my gambling and it changed everything. I soon learned, if you can manage money right, you’re going to win.

Joel S. Kissimmee, Florida

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